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№121202 Navy Arisaka bayonet M35

Japan. A 1902 bayonet to an Arisaka Type 35 rifle, the so-called "Marine (Navy) Arisaka."

The Type 35 rifle was produced for the needs of the Japanese Imperial Navy until the adoption of the Type 38 rifle of the 1905 Arisaka system. The Type 35 bayonet was developed on the basis of the Type 30 bayonet and differed from the prototype by the presence of a latch that fixes the bayonet in the sheath and the shape of the handle cheeks. After removing the Type 35 rifle from the Japanese fleet, a large number of rifles and bayonets of this model were sold to Russia and Siam (Thailand). Judging by the known bayonet numbers, about 36,000 - 38,000 copies were produced in total.

The bayonet blade is single-edged, down on both sides. The handle is formed by two wooden cheeks attached to the shank by two screws. On the back of the handle there is a push-out plate latch to hold the bayonet in the sheath. In the handle head there is a T-shaped slot and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. Cross with a forward end and a ring for the trunk from the side of the blade edge. Steel sheaths with a bracket and a ball at the end.

Bayonet marking consists of a Tokyo Arsenal stamp and an inspection stamp on the blade heel, as well as a bayonet number and inspection stamps on the handle head.


The total length is 510 mm. Blade length 400 mm.

There are small barbs on the blade.


Navy Arisaka bayonet M35