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№121003 Order of St. Stanislav 2nd degree

Russian Empire. Order of St. Stanisław 2nd degree with tape to wear around his neck. Time of reign of Emperor Nicholas the first 1825-55years. There is no manufacturer 's stamp and test tube. The sign of the order is one-sided, golden eagles (Nicholas, with the wings lowered), rays and the core are soldered on the silver base. Only the central medallion is on the reverse. Tape (neck) with splines to wear around the neck. A very interesting, rare and not common version of making a sign.

The establishment of the Order of St. Stanislav occurred in 07.05.1765. The initiator of this event was the King of Poland Stanislav August Poniatowski. Until 1831 it was the state award of Poland. After that, like the rest of the Polish orders, he was ranked among the system of awards of Russia.

Gold, silver, hot enamel. The size of the sign is 45.7*45.7 mm, length of a tape is 410 mm, width is 40 mm. Enamel on horizontal beams is partially lost.

1990 ($2447)

Order of St. Stanislav 2nd degree