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№122290 The board "Crimea"

Germany, the Third Reich. The board suits Crimea. The board "Crimea" as fighting difference awarded all military personnel of Wehrmacht ...

125 ($150)

The board "Crimea"

№122272 Close Combat Claps Bronze

The third Reich. The Claps "For infighting" in "bronze". It is approved on November 25, 1942. Awarded for 15 near ...

265 ($318)

Close Combat Claps Bronze

№122270 Shield"Demyansk"

The third Reich. Shield (Armschild) "Demyansk". The award was founded on April 25, 1943 for all types of the armed ...

210 ($252)


№122271 Army Wound Badge

Germany. WWI time. Black, cut out. Verwundetenabzeichen

 Breastplate "for injury" 3 degrees ("black wound"). Original name in German Verwundetenabzeichen. The ...

106 ($127)

Army Wound Badge

№122274 Awarding suspension WW1

Germany. Awarding suspension of the veteran of WW1 from the State of Hessen - Nassau the beginnings of the 20th years ...

130 ($156)

Awarding suspension WW1

№122612 Police Long Service Cross 1 class

Nazi Germany 1933-1945. 1st class Cross for Long (25 years) service in Police, gilded. On the original tape with the ...

395 ($474)

Police Long Service Cross 1 class

№122531 Iron cross II class 1939

Nazy Germany. Iron Cross II class of 1939 years, with mark makers on the ring.

  1. Mark "55" - J.E.Hammer ...

185 ($222)

Iron cross II class 1939

№122841 General Assault Attack Badge

Third Reich. Germany. Qualification badge "For participation in General assault attacks" (or "General assault", otherwise called "bayonet grenade"). It was ...

195 ($234)

General Assault Attack Badge

№122740 Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Qualification Badge

The third Reich. Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Qualification Badge (Flugzeugbeobachterabzeichen).
OSG producer -
The badge consists of two details - a ...

653 ($783)

Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Qualification Badge

№121043 Army Para Badge

Third Reich, Germany. Qualification badge of the Wehrmacht parachutist (infantry) German. Fallschirmschützenabzeichen . Established on September 1, 1937. The badge ...

1500 ($1800)

Army Para Badge