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№121366 Binokular 10x40

Plastvista binoculars. Magnification is 10x40.

100 ($120)

Binokular  10x40

№121364 Binokular 10x50

Germany. Marine binoculars in a case. Magnification 10x50. Dienstglas. Sighting grid.

190 ($228)

Binokular 10x50

№122616 Hitlerjugend Badge

Nazy Germany 1933-1945. Hitler Youth badge. Made by M1/72.

Constantly available several copies of different producers. Ask additional information and ...

95 ($114)

Hitlerjugend Badge

№123177 P-06 holster with the ramrod

Germany. WW1. 1916. A holster to 7,65mm to the Lugger gun (Parabellum) - the Automatic pistol model 06 with the ...

445 ($534)

P-06 holster with the ramrod

№122586 Sign on a sleeve

USSR. Sign on a sleeve of the employee of a military court of RKKA. 1923-1924. Sign in the form of ...


Sign on a sleeve

№122282 Destroyer War Badge

Germany. The third Reich. Qualification badge "Member of the Destroyer Crew" (Zerstörer - Kriegsabzeichen). It was established on June 4, ...


Destroyer War Badge

№121163 Order of the Red Eagle 4 class

Germany - Prussia. Order of the Red Eagle 4 model (1885-1918), 4. class. They were awarded for civil and military ...

390 ($468)

Order of the Red Eagle 4 class

№122841 General Assault Attack Badge

Third Reich. Germany. Qualification badge "For participation in General assault attacks" (or "General assault", otherwise called "bayonet grenade"). It was ...

270 ($324)

General Assault Attack Badge

№122629 Infantry assault badge

The Third Reich. Infantry assault badge "in bronze" (Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in bronze) for awarding motorized infantry units. Approved on July 1, ...

270 ($324)

Infantry assault badge

№122477 Minesweeper War badge

Germany, 1933-1945. Badge for minesweeping. The original name is Kriegsabzeichen fur Minensuch. It was established on August 31, 1940 and ...

290 ($348)

Minesweeper War badge