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№123020 Grips AKM Bayonet


5 ($6)

Grips AKM Bayonet

№123321 AK47 Bayonet

USSR. Model 6*2

Very good condition. One costs 60eur

90 ($108)

AK47 Bayonet

№123838 Box with tape for machine gun Maxim

In very good condition.
All details are original.

Warehouse condition or Used. The photo is informative. Items may not match ...

Box with tape for machine gun Maxim

№122278 Helmet M16

Germany. Helmet M16, was used in finish army.

Constantly on sale, ask for additional photos, as items may differ in ...

350 ($420)

Helmet M16

№121567 Luftwaffe Salt-pepper table set.

Third Reich. Salt-pepper from the Luftwaffe officer's table set. Very rarely found in perfect condition.

100 ($120)

Luftwaffe Salt-pepper table set.

№121334 Badge Krim

The Third Reich. Armband shield for the Crimea.

It was established on July 25, 1942 as a special award to ...

390 ($468)

Badge Krim

№123010 Frog Mauser K98

Germany. Subweight leather for a bayonet to a rifle/carbine of system of the Mauser 98K (G98) of various years of ...

Frog Mauser K98

№122670 To Feldbluzе of ordinary ROA

The third Reich - Russia. A field jacket (feldbluza) of the private of the Russian Liberation Army - ROA - ...

1990 ($2388)

To Feldbluzе of ordinary ROA

№122917 Badge "Team Member of the Cruiser"

Third Reich. Qualification sign Krigsmarine "Team Member of the Cruiser". Fec producer. ADOLF BOCK, ausf. SCHWERIN-BERLIN.

Very rare, in an ...

790 ($948)

Badge "Team Member of the Cruiser"

№122279 Helmet M17

Finland. Germany. Helmet steel models М17, used in the Finnish army from the 1920s to the 60s of the last ...

350 ($420)

Helmet M17