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№121548 Swiss bayonet Shmidt-Rubin M1889/1892

Bayonet of the model 1889/1892 (1900 *) to the carbine of the Schmidt-Rubin system.

In the literature there are two names for this bayonet model: "Bayonet of the model 1889/1892" and "Bayonet of the model 1900."

This bayonet model was produced in two versions, with an inner diameter of the ring in the cross of 14 mm (the most common version) and 15 mm (a rare version). The bayonet was made on the basis of bayonets of the 1863 sample and the 1871 sample, in which the tube was removed and a cross and a handle head were added to the remaining blades. The bayonet was used to arm scooters, sappers of fortresses (in combination with a cleaver) and some other special arms.

Needle-type blade, straight, tetrahedral, with lobes in all faces. The handle is a four-sided blade shank. In the head of the T-sample handle there is a slot and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. In a steel cross, a barrel ring. The marking of the bayonet consists of the number and stamp of acceptance on the cross.

The total length is 505 mm. The length of the blade is 390 mm. The inner diameter of the ring in the cross is 14 mm.


Swiss bayonet Shmidt-Rubin  M1889/1892