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№123658 Saber officer with a custom wedge 1881/09

Russian Empire. A checker (sabre) officer with a custom wedge of a sample 1881/1909. The blade custom with etching is made in Germany Gebr. Simson, Solingen. On a blade on the one hand a monogram of the Emperor Alexander III, from above military fittings made of the crossed halberds, an artillery trunk, a board and a vegetable ornament. From below flags, knightly armor, swords and boards. On other party in the Saint Georges the Victorious center striking a snake we throw both also from below and from above military fittings in a vegetable ornaments. All etching is covered with gilding (places of lost). At a blade there are jags. A handle and Gardo of later sample - with Nicholas II's monogram that practiced in officer dynasties (especially at the beginning of PMV). Garda of Slava factory in Moscow, from below No. 12. A handle from plastic. A sheath wooden, fitted by skin with bronze details. On all details of the device of a sheath the letter "O" is beaten out. Extremely rare checker in an excellent state.

Total length is 880 mm. Length of a blade is 748 mm. Width the heel of 27 mm, thickness has 5 mm.


Saber officer with a custom wedge 1881/09