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№123616 Hatchet Germany infantry soldiers M1845

Hatchet Saxon infantry soldier's M. 1845.

Blade steel, direct, wedge-shaped, odnolezviyny, without dales, slightly extending by the dvulezviyny fighting end. The brass hilt consists of a handle and the crosspiece. The hilt fastens on a strip in the vsadny way: the end of a shaft расклепан on a handle top. The handle is direct, with cross fillets in a linear fringing; a handle back smooth, passing into reinforced, slightly curved head with a ball from above. The crosspiece is direct, a diamond-shaped form, with the symmetric ends which are rounded off and bent up-down (5-shapedly). On a handle number 21 is beaten out.

On a jag edge. A scabbard is missing.

Total length is 650 mm. Length of a blade is 473 mm. Width at the mouth of 35 mm.

140 ($154)

Hatchet Germany infantry soldiers M1845