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№123493 Swiss Bayonet for Vetterli rifle M1878

Switzerland. A bayonet-cleaver of the 1878 model to an infantry rifle of the Vetterli system of the 1878 model. The blade of the bayonet is single-edged, with a dale on the right side and a saw on the butt (25 double prongs). The combat end is double-edged. The handle is formed by two rubber cheeks fastened to the shank with four rivets. In the handle head there is a T-shaped groove and a spring latch with an external arrangement of a plate spring. The crosspiece is steel, with a ring for the barrel on the side of the blade butt. There are two protrusions on the ring, between which, when the bayonet was attached, the base of the front sight was included. The scabbard is leather, with an iron device consisting of a mouth with a bracket and a tip. A number matching the serial number of the rifle is stamped on the crosspiece of the bayonet. There is a brand of the manufacturer on the heel of the blade. There are acceptance stamps on the crosspiece and the head of the handle.

Size 600/480mm.

390 ($448)

Swiss Bayonet for Vetterli rifle M1878