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№123152 MP-38/40 Strap

Germany. Third Reich. MP 38, MP 38/40, MP 40 a submachine gun developed by Heinrich Vollmer based on the earlier MP 36, and used as a personal weapon. He was in service with the Wehrmacht during world war II, as well as in many countries after the war (Norway, Yugoslavia, Israel. States of Africa and South America).

The cost of one belt is indicated

Straps without stamps.

The skin is soft, with no fractures. Total length 135 cm.

Warehouse condition or Used. The photo is informative. Items may not match in detail, please request an additional photo.


MP-38/40 Strap
MP-38/40 Strap
MP-38/40 Strap
MP-38/40 Strap
Item Tags: sling, belt, strap, harness, thong, lanyard, Schmeiser,