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№122971 Star and cross Braver

Russian Empire - The white movement - Poland. A cross Brave — the medal sign founded by the general Bulak-Balakhovich for rewarding of ranks of the group. Awards with swords for military merits.

Star: An obverse - the gilded laid on cross Brave with swords, covered with white enamel. On a reverse number of rewarding 103, a test silver 916 brand is beaten out. Fastening traditional German type (clamping nut). Exelent rare!!! The price is 3000 euros.

Cross: White metal, hot enamel. On a reverse number of rewarding 41. The price is 650 euros.

Silver, gilding, white metal, hot enamel.

Size star of 79.15*79.15 mm.

Size 2 degree of 50.5*56.5 mm.

Star and cross Braver