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№122957 Jetton firing line ship "Sevastopol."

Firing jetton of the Line Ship "Sevastopol". №807.

On 29 June (16 June in old style) 1911, the battleship "Sevastopol" was launched. The fate of this linear ship was reflected in the difficult path of the country. Having passed several wars, ships of this type found worthy application during the Great Patriotic War, having become on protection of Leningrad and Crimea.
German forces launched a second assault on Sevastopol on 17 December 1941. The main strike was carried out on the parking lot of ships of the Black Sea Fleet - Sevastopol Bay. The battle took on a protracted nature, and by 29 December only two kilometers remained to the cherished target of the Hitlerites. At this difficult moment, the defending sailors and Red Army fighters received help from the sea - the linear ship "Paris Commune" (in the past "Sevastopol") opened fire with all its guns, including the main calibre. Huge shells literally crossed enemy positions. The assault on the city failed.

"Sevastopol" was the first of a series of similar ships that the maritime department of the Russian Empire ordered after the Russo-Japanese War (together with "Gangut," Poltava, "Petropavlovsky")

Copper. Size 45mm.

350 ($385)

Jetton firing line ship "Sevastopol."