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№122152 St.Georgian Cross 4 class

Russian Empire. WWI time. St. Georgian cross 4 class.

1. No. 777825 - Perevalov Semyon Nikiforovich - the 60th infantry Zamostsky regiment, ordinary. Velichistva of a pleasure as the lower disabled rank which came back 28.05.1916 of captivity in the 49th party is awarded 30.05.1916 from the Highest its Imperial.

2. No. 729691 - Aksenov Nefed Alekseyevich - the 416th infantry Verkhnedneprovsky regiment, the 11th company, ordinary. It is awarded 15.11.1916 on behalf of the Sovereign Imperator, his Imperial Highness by the Grand Duke Georgy Mikhaylovich for the fact that being sent to investigation of an enemy position at the village of Velitsk, 16.10.1916, carried out a task successfully, it was on the way back wounded and functioned.

3. No. 892579 - Krapivin Ivan - the 5th obsidional artillery division, the gunner. For difference in fight of 12.07.1916.

Silver. Size 34*38mm.

235 ($282)

St.Georgian Cross 4 class
St.Georgian Cross 4 class
St.Georgian Cross 4 class
St.Georgian Cross 4 class
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