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№121392 Swedish bayonet M1896

Sweden. The bayonet is a Swedish knife of the 1896 model for Mauser rifles. The bayonet of the 1896 model was also used with a Mauser rifle of the 1938 model and a semi-automatic rifle of the 1942 model. The blade of the bayonet is double-edged (sharpened only on one side, opposite to the ring for the barrel), with a narrow dale along the middle line. The handle is steel, hollow, oval in cross-section, with a grooved surface. In the head of the handle there is a spring latch that fixes the bayonet when adjacent to the recess of the front false ring. Crosspiece with a ring for the trunk. The scabbard is steel, with a round peg and a ball at the end. The marking of the bayonet consists of the manufacturer's stamp on the heel of the blade, the acceptance stamps, the number of the bayonet located on the heel of the blade and the mouth of the scabbard, as well as the registration number of the bayonet indicating the military unit to which it was assigned, located on the crosspiece and side surface of the scabbard, next to the mouth. Original leather suspension (Frog).

The total length is 335 mm. The length of the blade is 210 mm. The blade is in perfect condition, not accurate.

120 ($138)

Swedish bayonet M1896