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№121389 Shashka 1927 - German trophy

USSR - Third Reich. Shashka Cossack commander model 1927. It was made at the Zlatoust Tool Mill (Brand ZIK 1939). Receiving and assembly stamps. The inscription in German is engraved on the heel: This trophy checker was captured from the Russian Cossack on May 22, 1942 (Es war eine Preis des Kozken aus Russland 22 mai 1942,)

Cavalry shirt for the command and commanding staff of the Red Army of 1927. Stamp on the heel of the blade: ZIC in the triangle and 1939, on the other hand - HL 15 kg. Assembly stamps on garda parts - "L." Blade NOT SHARPENED!!!

The total length is 94.5 cm, the length of the blade is 81 cm. The handle does not "hang out," the garda did NOT understand!!! Great state.

790 ($948)

Shashka 1927 - German trophy