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№121326 Cossack Sword of 1881/1927 years.

USSR. Cavalry saber for commanders and commanding officers of the 1927 model. The manufacturer of ZIK is Zlatoust Tool Factory. 1939. The blade is straight, single-edged, with one wide dale and with a two-edged combat end. The blade was not sharpened. The handle is wooden. Details of the light bronze guard (assembly stamp "L"). On the head is the coat of arms of the USSR. The scabbard is wooden, covered with sackcloth, covered with paint-mastic. The scabbard device (assembly stamp "M") is made of light bronze.

Total length mm. Blade length mm. Width / thickness of the blade at the heel. The leather flask is missing.

1190 ($1368)

Cossack Sword of 1881/1927 years.