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№121313 Spanish bayonet CETME

Spain. Bayonet-knife of the 1969 model to the rifles of the FR 7 and FR 8 Mauser system and the CETME assault rifle of the 1958 model. The blade of the bayonet is single-edged, with a narrowing in the middle part and an extension in the bottom. The handle is plastic, grooved. In the handle head there is a flat groove and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. The crosspiece is short, straight with a ring for the barrel on the side of the blade butt. The sheath is plastic, with a metal mouth and a canvas hanging strap with a rotating bracket. The marking of the bayonet consists of the brand of the manufacturer (Toledo) and the number of the bayonet located on the heel of the blade.

The total length is 335 mm, the blade length is 225 mm.

90 ($103)

Spanish bayonet CETME