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№121305 Japan bayonet Arisaka type 30

Japan. Bayonet-knife of the 1897 model (type 30) to rifles and carbines of the Arisaka system in a sheath from the "marine" Arisaka of the 1902 model (type 35). The blade of the bayonet is single-edged with a dale on both sides. The handle is formed by two wooden cheeks fastened to the shank with two screws. In the handle head there is a T-shaped groove and a spring latch with an internal arrangement of a spiral spring. A crosspiece with the end bent forward, with a ring for the barrel on the side of the blade butt. The scabbard is metal with a ball at the end and a bracket. The marking of the bayonet consists of the manufacturer's stamp located on the heel of the blade (Kokura Arsenal) and the number of the bayonet on the handle head. There are also inspection stamps on the handle head.

Together with the Arisaka rifles, the bayonet was in service in the Russian Empire, was widely used during the First World War and the Civil War, and was also issued from warehouses to the militia during the Great Patriotic War (WWII).

The total length is 510 mm. The length of the blade is 400 mm.


Japan bayonet Arisaka type 30