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№121277 Bayonet Russian Winchester

The Russian Empire - the United States. Bayonet-knife of the 1915 model (long) for the Winchester rifle of the 1895 model.The bayonet was used with the American Winchester rifle of the 1895 model, which was supplied to the Russian Army from 1915 to 1917. A total of 293,815 rifles were delivered. The first 15,000 rifles were equipped with a short bayonet, the rest with a long bayonet. A certain number of rifles with long bayonets did not have time to be delivered to Russia before the revolution of 1917 and they entered the market of hunting and collectible weapons.The bayonet blade is single-edged, with a dale on both sides. The handle of the blade is formed by two wooden cheeks, fastened to the shank with two rivets. In the handle head there is a T-shaped groove and a spring latch with an internal spiral spring arrangement. The crosspiece is straight with a ring for the barrel on the side of the butt of the blade. The scabbard is steel, with a leather blade for hanging to the waist belt.The marking consists of the inscription “Winchester Repeating Arms Co " on the crosspiece of the bayonet. There are no acceptance marks. There is a number on the crosspiece.

The total length is 520 mm. The length of the blade is 400 mm. Dent on the scabbard (does not affect the entry of the bayonet into the scabbard). The skin (Frog) is soft, without tears.

390 ($468)

Bayonet Russian Winchester