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№121163 Order "Mother-heroine"

SSR. Order "Mother-heroine" # 428624.

"Mother-heroine" - the highest award that was awarded to mothers with many children in the USSR. The insignia was approved by the decree of the Presidium of the Soviet Union from 08.07.1944.
By the summer of 1944, all the fighting in the framework of the Patriotic war had moved beyond the borders of the USSR. The victory became obvious, as well as the loss of people, which was estimated in the tens of millions. To support the female population and overcome the demographic crisis, the government has taken a number of urgent measures. Women decided to reward and encourage childbearing, as evidenced by the relevant decree and the establishment of these distinctions. The order was given to women who were able to give birth and raise more than 10 children.

The order of the "Mother heroine" consists of a convex 5-terminal star made of gold, located on a background of silver rays. They are also scattered on five sides, and the ends of the rays are located between the extreme points of the star.

The distance between the opposite ends of the silver rays is 28 mm. Height – 46 mm. Gold (sample 950) - 4.5±0.4402 g; silver-11.525±0.974 g. The total weight is 15.3 grams.

350 ($385)

Order "Mother-heroine"