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№123734 Mauser Automatic pistole С96

Germany. Automatic Mauser gun model С96 Caliber 7,63mm. In perfect tune. The magazine is built-in, volume on ten charges. In ...


Mauser Automatic pistole С96

№123725 Mauser m/712 Automatic Pistol

Germany. 1930th years. Autoloading Shnelfoyer Mauser M/712 gun of caliber 7,63mm. "Native" burnishing. Magazine (removable, remake) the 20th charging. There ...


Mauser m/712 Automatic Pistol

№123756 Signal gun WALTHER 1934

The Тhird Reich. Flare (signal) gun of the WALTHER system model of 1934. It is made by Erma-Erfurt in 1937.


Signal gun WALTHER 1934

№123919 Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

Russian Empire. The shortened Russian 4.2-linear rifle dragoon 1870. On one!!! number. Native burnishing!! Imperial Tula small-arms factory 1883. Shortened ...


Berdan Rifle dragoon 1870.

№123879 Carbine Remington off 1863years

USA. System carbine Remington of a model of 1863. Year of release of 1875. Caliber 11,45 under a cartridge of ...


Carbine Remington off 1863years

№123572 The machine gun Maxim 1910/30

1936. Tula small-arms factory. Air cooling.!!! Rare.
The trophy of war between the USSR and Finland. (1939-1940)

Experemental sample of ...


The machine gun Maxim 1910/30

№123827 Airgun WALTHER CP99

Germany. Air gun (air) WALTHER CP99. 2 holders, a box with pools. There is no barrel air in a set. ...



№123018 Holster Mauser C96

Germany. A holster - a butt for family of the K96 Mauser guns and its modifications (K96 9 mm "the ...


Holster Mauser C96

№123235 Manual chemical grenade M1914/17


Russian Empire. Manual chemical grenade M1914/1917
The grenade has been created on base of 1914. ...


Manual chemical grenade M1914/17

№123781 Colt Navy M1851

USA. Revolver Colt Navy M of 1851. Six charging capsule revolver of Colt "Navy model 1851 of year". With 1851po1873gg ...


Colt Navy M1851
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